Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Random Alert

Hi Folks. this is NOT a scheduled post. well, this is actually a post on Saturday. and saturday's a weekend right? so, i'm not breaking my promise. *ha!*

actually i don't want to make a post that contains only words. cause i know it will be boring. and not all of you will read all of my words-__- but, as what i told you last time, something wrong with my laptop's bluetooth. i was planning to post something around me lately. such as... umm foods, or another new things and those things were taken by my phone-_- i was blogwalking and found that kind of post on Diana Rikasari's blog. so, it made me wanna do the same post. but... let me check on my laptop first. who knows i found some random pics i can upload here :p wait a min (i've warned you at the title. "random" alert)

i found some actually. but since it's weekend... i'm currently sitting on one of a cafe in a mall and not having the best place to sit actually. it's so crowded here so it's not comfortable enough for me to edit some pics. well, i've prepared some posts for the scheduled posts next week. keep tuneeed!! ;)

xoxo danika xoxo

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