My Photoshoots

hey guys, this is a page which is containing photos that taken by me :) and im seeking for your comment. you can mail it to : cause im still learning about photography. thankyou guys :) check this out.

in my garden


in my front yard

in my livingroom:) it's a lamp

in my garden

i won't let the butterfly go away

in my garden

almost sunshine

and there it is the sunshine

waiting for sunshine

Sermo dam. beautiful sunshine from here :D

in front of the kitchen. i think this one is too much lights isn''t it?

And this one is in my frontyard

taken by me. this flower is my mom's and it's located in front of my kitchen. can you see the mosquito in this pic?

what do you think guuuuyssss? leave me some comments yaa or mail me : thankiess