Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Dreams on the Line

Hello folks,
So, after ISPO, my journey didn't end. After Aisha and I got the honorable mention medal, we had the obligation to be Indonesian delegation to Turkey. The competition was a design olympiad(which i think didn't really match my project). it was Dreamline or duscizgisi. The competition was held in Ankara, Turkey.

We stayed at Nevin Gokcek school's dormitory for 2 days.
In front of the place where we stayed.

On the exhibition. it was on Kentpark Mall

With Indonesian students

Danika and Aisha

Unfortunately, Aisha and I didn't win this competition. But it has taught us a lot. We had lots of new friends from other countries. We also had the chance to went to Turkey. Nothing's regretted. Allah always does something on purpose. So we only need to believe in Him. I still thank Him for this experience. I still couldn't believe a small act (in this case, the idea that popped in my head about the project) can lead to a big experience like this. Never underestimate small stuffs. I enjoyed my time at Turkey. And I will not stop competing here. :)

ps: Turkey report's coming up.

xoxo danika xoxo

Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014

Heart Says

Let's just say I'm a creature that's invisible. I watch what happens on the surroundings. I see every laughter, smiles, and even teardrops.

It's funny to see human's personalities. Innocent, sneaky, backstabbing, etc. As an invisible creature, I just wanna laugh so hard seeing the innocent one. he's just so stupid. after being mistreated by the sneaky one, he was just living his life as usual. He's backstabbed and yet he's just smiling with one small tear and wipe it immediately. The dude's freaking stupid.

But you see, dearest human, i'm just a creature that you can't even see. I've watched you for years. And as time goes by, I don't understand you. You justify what you used to see as sin. And you do sin in the name of justice. but justice my friend, comes from what's right. anything bad will always exacerbate things if it's continually. i really wish i could have a say more than what i have now. But if i end up only as your consideration as what usually happens, at least i've tried to tell you. think as an innocent little child. when you know which one is right/wrong by a glance. Obviously. Don't try or even enclose yourself to sin. again, sin will only lead you to something bad. Be kind. Be innocent. Be the one that makes me laugh so hard. Because that kind of person doesn't only bring happiness to his surroundings. But to me too, The invisible one who is finally able to laugh.


Selasa, 30 September 2014

Flashback to Persevere

Hello, folks.
Now, i'm going to keep my promise about writing my experiences. So, around January and February, I was on the top of my busiest months. (exclude this senior year). I joined several competitions. Even those which i didn't plan.

I remember when I was a 10th grader. I was invited along with all my schoolmates to attend a presentation by our senior about ISPO. I wasn't interested at all since I knew it was about science. Several years ago, I had that massive hatred toward science. I didn't like physics,chemistry,biology. The only science I forgave was Maths. If you thought I liked social studies back then, you're wrong. I didn't know what I liked. I also hated history, citizenship and those kind of social studies. So you can imagine when there was somebody saying,
"Please go downstairs there's a presentation for ISPO(Indonesian SCIENCE Project Olympiad)"
my reaction was,
"can i skip it?"

Thank Allah i didn't skip it. hehehe. Though I didn't pay attention at all, and everytime my friend asked me,
"are you planning on joining it?"
my answer was always...
"out of my reach. so hell no."
I still thank Allah  for that presentation. Several days after that presentation, lots of my friends joined the competition. I still didn't care. But after seeing my friends were talking about some problems towards humanities(but from the scientific side, of course), there was a part of me that was interested to this competition. Until one day, one of my bestie, Ipeh, came and asked me to be her partner. Well, she had the project so at least i didn't need to think what should we create.(hehehe). So i said yes. And after that, we began the research, i skipped class a lot(another hehehe). At first, our project was about chemistry and biology combined(imagine how tough it was), and 3 days before the paper deadline, we changed our project to a technology one. But then we failed. We didn't make it to the final. Well, I wasn't really shocked because we didn't have proper preparation. But thank Allah that didn't stop me.

One year passed, another ISPO announcement is announced(it's an annual thingy). This time I've prepared everything. One year at this school had changed my point of view about science. So, i was having 2 projects that time. The first one was technology and the second one was computer. And I was on my own at first, i didn't have any partner. But when I presented both my projects to the teachers, they all agreed that I should choose one because they're difficult enough. So i took the technology. And the coordinator of ISPO in my school that time (Mr. Angga) always asked me whether I'd chosen any partner or not. I was confused at first. So, i just came back to my old partner, Ipeh. But she didn't continue since she'd had enough business being the head of the student council. And then one of my friend recommended Aisha, so i asked her and she said yes. And then the journey began.

We spent lots of time on the field(read: electronic laboratory). We skipped class for more than a month. And we went to UGM (Gadjah Mada University) in order to have better equipments for our research. And alhamdulillah, we made it to the final.
the finalists from kesatuan bangsa school

 After that, we worked harder than that. Even we worked at the lab 7AM-9PM. But Allah is always kind to those who persevere. I remember there were times when we really had no clue about our project and almost decided to stop, but we didn't:)
This is when the physic lab was hijacked hehehe

This was from the beginning till the end
 Allah paid off our work. Alhamdulillah we won the honorable mention medal. I was so grateful. Because as you know from the beginning of my story, I didn't like science at all, and now... hehehe. (I still don't like biology, fyi)
Danika and Aisha

Aisha-Miss Ulfi(our mentor from the school)-Danika

Kesatuan Bangsa finalists and some students

if you want to look for another information about ISPO, you can look at The 7th ISPO's coming. Don't forget that everybody has the chance. And that Allah will always be kind to those who persevere and of course, pray:)

xoxo danika xoxo

Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Thanks Allah It's January 2nd

this is the third posts of this "thanks Allah it's January 2nd" in this blog if i'm not mistaken. I know it has already been late if we talk about that AMAZING 2nd January stuff:p but, i still want to talk about it. :p I've been absent from blogging world lately. Well, the laziness is still the main excuse, but another is more likely competitions that couldn't be ignored. I joined lots of competitions lately and were really time-consuming. I mean, for the preparation and stuff, that really took my attention and time and also priorities. Anyway, I'm in my computer lesson. But i was told to post something while i have no idea what to post because i've been absent from school for almost 2 weeks just to prepare a project competition. Wish me luck on the competition btw;)

Ah, back to topic. January 2nd. that was my day. really my day. hahaha... i got lotsss photos of that day actually, BUT, those photos are on my celly and i'm on the computer lab now-_- so, i think the photos will come later.

So, on the first January, there were 5 people wished me Happy Birthday. 3 of them wanted to be the first, and 1 of them couldn't remember when my birthday was, and another one was because she's in the other side of Indonesia so time difference, matters. on 2nd of January, 12:00 o'clock, LOTS of my friends wished me happy birthday, even my teachers also did that. Some of my friends made me pictures, some of them sent me voice notes and some of them called me on the phone. The happiness and cuteness continued that day long.

I went to Amplaz with my family and i was hanging out with Dea, Hana, Aisha and Koci. We had a really great time, and Aisha bought me a cupcake. after that, i went straight to my house and just do what i normally do (internet-ing). I really am sorry to my friends who texted me and i couldn't reply your texts. That was because the butut celly wasn't really supporting me. but i do read and wish all your wishes will be granted:p also on facebook, i don't really play facebook nowadays, that's why._.

I was feeling really lucky that day. surrounded by my family, my bestfriends, and my friends(that didn't stop chatting me:p) also that guy hahaha:p

That's all from me folks! gotta go back to my coreldraw works! photos are coming as soon as possible:p see ya! :D

xoxo danika xoxo

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013


hello, folks! it's been a long time since my last post. im in the middle of midterm now, but sadly, my body doesnt support me -_- i dont feel well since last week, if you saw my insta photos or path posts, you might see me updated some food and medicine and stuffs. anw, im not going to complain more about that. i just beg you folks to pray for my health. T_T

anyway, i got an interesting story. as you know, i used to wear hijab on my junior high school. if you wonder why, at first, nobody thought that i was a moslem. because i used to write my name as "Danika R" and my hair is not that black hmm how do i say it... as indonesian, i'm considered as blonde bcs i have a reddish hair. lack of pigment i guess, or genetic, idk. anw, at my junior high school time, nobody thought that i'm a moslem at the first day. that's why i decided to use hijab as soon as i got my jhs uniform. and then, as time goes by, i wasn't a good moslem. bcs i didn't use hijab all the time. i just used it at my school time, when i hung out with my friends, i didn't use any hijab. that was my first mistake. second, my attitude wasn't like a real moslem. i mean, i did stupid, silly things. i screamed a lot, and yelled a lot, that's why i decided not to use hijab at my senior high school. it's been a year and a half since the last time i wore hijab to school. but then, something just came to me and told me to use hijab. those were all coming in a form of dreams in my sleep. even when i woke up, i cried. and then, i read a book about hijab. and in that book, it was stated that

wearing hijab doesn't mean you're nice,girly typical of girl. but it means that you're doing Allah's command.

and that was a relief for me to read that, because i have been thinking about how to change my attitude to be a nice girl that obeys everything. and then, a friend of mine told me that i am sth that Allah gave to my parents. and it's my parents' job to educate me, if i dont use hijab, as what Allah's command, then the sin will also go to my parents. and do i want them to get some sins because of me? of course, not. and i was also thinking about wearing hijab after idul adha, but then, another friend of mine also told me, if you wanna start using hijab, do it as soon as possible. before Allah take away your soul and you have no chance to do your duty. afterall, it all comes back to duty. duty as a moslem girl to wear hijab. and i just wanna say alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah and all my friends also a book titled, "yuk, berhijab" to open my heart and mind and encourage me to wear hijab. insyaAllah. 😊 anyway, every girls look more beautiful in hijab. :) but still, i'm still in practise to wear hijab like all the time. so about photos and if you find me hanging out with no hijab. i really want you to know that i am practising to wear hijab. i still am going to watch glee hahaha, and also i'm still going to listen to "explicit" songs and don't forget that nobody's perfect;)

xoxo danika xoxo

Selasa, 27 Agustus 2013


The answer is NO. I never meant to vacuum from this blog. I really want to update this blog as often as i possibly could. But the universe just doesn't allow me to-_- first of all, i got so many tasks and activities here in my school. that's why even in my free time, i wasn't able to update this blog. After this, i'll try my best to update this blog. anyway, how's your day, folks? good, right? mine's been busy. I'm a junior now. hahaha... you know the levels, right? freshman, sophomore, junior, senior? in Indonesia, we only have 3 years of high school. and i'm considered as a junior now. hahaha. next year will be my senior year. hmm... anyway, got to focus on my lesson, now(yes, im in the middle of computer lesson). see ya folks later! ;)

xoxo danika xoxo

Minggu, 21 Juli 2013


hi folks. i know this is a late post. last week, i was early to go back to my school. there were a 'welcoming new students' stuffs on my school, and i was one of the student board, so i needed to get everything prepared last week.

i was on the Turkce classroom having a meeting about orientation program to the new students when my bestfriend suddenly texted me: "Dan, Finn's dead?" and i didn't take it serious because i was concentrating to the meeting and i just replied: "finn as in cory or finn in the show? r u serious?" stuff like that. i thought it was just another hoax. and he answered "cory." and i was panic. i wasn't able to concentrate to the meeting. and the leader of the meeting which was Ipeh, asked me what's wrong and i told her, and she was even more panic than me, well we both are gleeks. we loved everything about glee so much, and this was really shocking. and then we took a break from the meeting and googled everything about this guy's death and we found out that it was true.

thou i still cannot believe it, but we all have to accept this tragic fact (this sounds 'menye', idc). if we wanna blame the alcohol or drugs he consumed, it won't change anything. Allah has decided our lifetime since we were born.

i cannot imagine how Lea Michele can suffer from this, but i do believe i was a fangirl of strong and great artists, and i know she's strong. rest in peace, Cory Monteith. as eva always says, "i love you to the core"

xoxo danika xoxo