Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

blogger Meet Up: Amalia Ardiatami

actually, this isn't a real blogger meet up, becauuuussssseeee, hopefully, she will be my sister-in-law. hehe. yep, she's my brother's gf (i hope it's okay to say that sentence in public._.) annnnnnddd, we met at Galeria Mall in KFC, and chit-chat for couple of minutes. and we went to Gejayan Street, we were window shopping, and i really wanted to buy a skirt. but too bad, we can't find a good one at gejayan street boutique(s). actually, there are some good one(s) but, not long enough or some of them are too long. and after that, we went to Gardena with a mission: look for a skirt! actually, i found a good one at Gardena, but when i went to the other shop and i went back to gardena, that skirt WAS SOLD!!!! aaaaaaa!! and then, we went back to Galeria Mall and finally found a good one. hhh... i will post my outfit post with that skirt later yap...:)

i love her hijab style. hihi

gueeessssss, who is this beautiful, marvelous, cute, sweet little girl? ME!! haha :p LOL

another mbak lia :D
pants-house of mangos
Well, sure it was a tiring day, but i do love iiitt :) hope we'll meet again mbak. heheh

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  1. yeaa I love it too, thanks for the prayer sweet! :) *hugs* lain kali jalan lagii boleh :D


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