Kamis, 02 Oktober 2014

Heart Says

Let's just say I'm a creature that's invisible. I watch what happens on the surroundings. I see every laughter, smiles, and even teardrops.

It's funny to see human's personalities. Innocent, sneaky, backstabbing, etc. As an invisible creature, I just wanna laugh so hard seeing the innocent one. he's just so stupid. after being mistreated by the sneaky one, he was just living his life as usual. He's backstabbed and yet he's just smiling with one small tear and wipe it immediately. The dude's freaking stupid.

But you see, dearest human, i'm just a creature that you can't even see. I've watched you for years. And as time goes by, I don't understand you. You justify what you used to see as sin. And you do sin in the name of justice. but justice my friend, comes from what's right. anything bad will always exacerbate things if it's continually. i really wish i could have a say more than what i have now. But if i end up only as your consideration as what usually happens, at least i've tried to tell you. think as an innocent little child. when you know which one is right/wrong by a glance. Obviously. Don't try or even enclose yourself to sin. again, sin will only lead you to something bad. Be kind. Be innocent. Be the one that makes me laugh so hard. Because that kind of person doesn't only bring happiness to his surroundings. But to me too, The invisible one who is finally able to laugh.


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