Senin, 07 Oktober 2013


hello, folks! it's been a long time since my last post. im in the middle of midterm now, but sadly, my body doesnt support me -_- i dont feel well since last week, if you saw my insta photos or path posts, you might see me updated some food and medicine and stuffs. anw, im not going to complain more about that. i just beg you folks to pray for my health. T_T

anyway, i got an interesting story. as you know, i used to wear hijab on my junior high school. if you wonder why, at first, nobody thought that i was a moslem. because i used to write my name as "Danika R" and my hair is not that black hmm how do i say it... as indonesian, i'm considered as blonde bcs i have a reddish hair. lack of pigment i guess, or genetic, idk. anw, at my junior high school time, nobody thought that i'm a moslem at the first day. that's why i decided to use hijab as soon as i got my jhs uniform. and then, as time goes by, i wasn't a good moslem. bcs i didn't use hijab all the time. i just used it at my school time, when i hung out with my friends, i didn't use any hijab. that was my first mistake. second, my attitude wasn't like a real moslem. i mean, i did stupid, silly things. i screamed a lot, and yelled a lot, that's why i decided not to use hijab at my senior high school. it's been a year and a half since the last time i wore hijab to school. but then, something just came to me and told me to use hijab. those were all coming in a form of dreams in my sleep. even when i woke up, i cried. and then, i read a book about hijab. and in that book, it was stated that

wearing hijab doesn't mean you're nice,girly typical of girl. but it means that you're doing Allah's command.

and that was a relief for me to read that, because i have been thinking about how to change my attitude to be a nice girl that obeys everything. and then, a friend of mine told me that i am sth that Allah gave to my parents. and it's my parents' job to educate me, if i dont use hijab, as what Allah's command, then the sin will also go to my parents. and do i want them to get some sins because of me? of course, not. and i was also thinking about wearing hijab after idul adha, but then, another friend of mine also told me, if you wanna start using hijab, do it as soon as possible. before Allah take away your soul and you have no chance to do your duty. afterall, it all comes back to duty. duty as a moslem girl to wear hijab. and i just wanna say alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah and all my friends also a book titled, "yuk, berhijab" to open my heart and mind and encourage me to wear hijab. insyaAllah. 😊 anyway, every girls look more beautiful in hijab. :) but still, i'm still in practise to wear hijab like all the time. so about photos and if you find me hanging out with no hijab. i really want you to know that i am practising to wear hijab. i still am going to watch glee hahaha, and also i'm still going to listen to "explicit" songs and don't forget that nobody's perfect;)

xoxo danika xoxo

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  1. Very happy to read this, sweetheart.
    I hope that you'll always be istiqamah, my dear sister. And the most important, remember, do it fillah (because of Allah) :)
    May Allah always guide us and gather us in the Jannah...

  2. am really glad to read this! and a note, you might want to take down the pictures of yours where you're not wearing the jilbaab :) May Allah bless us

  3. Thankyou so much for the wishes and supports:) insyaAllah i will:)

  4. Ma syaa Allah...

    Dear, sister...
    I am so happy to read this passage that you know Allah's hidayah comes to anyone that He wishes to get hidayah, and you're one of them in sha Allah... Keep being istiqamah my dear sister, may Allah always helps you and protects you and guides you in His right path... aameen...


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