Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Thanks Allah It's January 2nd

this is the third posts of this "thanks Allah it's January 2nd" in this blog if i'm not mistaken. I know it has already been late if we talk about that AMAZING 2nd January stuff:p but, i still want to talk about it. :p I've been absent from blogging world lately. Well, the laziness is still the main excuse, but another is more likely competitions that couldn't be ignored. I joined lots of competitions lately and were really time-consuming. I mean, for the preparation and stuff, that really took my attention and time and also priorities. Anyway, I'm in my computer lesson. But i was told to post something while i have no idea what to post because i've been absent from school for almost 2 weeks just to prepare a project competition. Wish me luck on the competition btw;)

Ah, back to topic. January 2nd. that was my day. really my day. hahaha... i got lotsss photos of that day actually, BUT, those photos are on my celly and i'm on the computer lab now-_- so, i think the photos will come later.

So, on the first January, there were 5 people wished me Happy Birthday. 3 of them wanted to be the first, and 1 of them couldn't remember when my birthday was, and another one was because she's in the other side of Indonesia so time difference, matters. on 2nd of January, 12:00 o'clock, LOTS of my friends wished me happy birthday, even my teachers also did that. Some of my friends made me pictures, some of them sent me voice notes and some of them called me on the phone. The happiness and cuteness continued that day long.

I went to Amplaz with my family and i was hanging out with Dea, Hana, Aisha and Koci. We had a really great time, and Aisha bought me a cupcake. after that, i went straight to my house and just do what i normally do (internet-ing). I really am sorry to my friends who texted me and i couldn't reply your texts. That was because the butut celly wasn't really supporting me. but i do read and wish all your wishes will be granted:p also on facebook, i don't really play facebook nowadays, that's why._.

I was feeling really lucky that day. surrounded by my family, my bestfriends, and my friends(that didn't stop chatting me:p) also that guy hahaha:p

That's all from me folks! gotta go back to my coreldraw works! photos are coming as soon as possible:p see ya! :D

xoxo danika xoxo

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