Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Dreams on the Line

Hello folks,
So, after ISPO, my journey didn't end. After Aisha and I got the honorable mention medal, we had the obligation to be Indonesian delegation to Turkey. The competition was a design olympiad(which i think didn't really match my project). it was Dreamline or duscizgisi. The competition was held in Ankara, Turkey.

We stayed at Nevin Gokcek school's dormitory for 2 days.
In front of the place where we stayed.

On the exhibition. it was on Kentpark Mall

With Indonesian students

Danika and Aisha

Unfortunately, Aisha and I didn't win this competition. But it has taught us a lot. We had lots of new friends from other countries. We also had the chance to went to Turkey. Nothing's regretted. Allah always does something on purpose. So we only need to believe in Him. I still thank Him for this experience. I still couldn't believe a small act (in this case, the idea that popped in my head about the project) can lead to a big experience like this. Never underestimate small stuffs. I enjoyed my time at Turkey. And I will not stop competing here. :)

ps: Turkey report's coming up.

xoxo danika xoxo

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