Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Trip #1: Semesta Bilingual Boarding School

I feel so lucky these few months. Allah has given me some chances to travel to some cities lately. My first trip was to Semesta, Semarang. it's another pasiad school. I was joining an english competition, and it turned out great for the first section there at Semarang. 
girls' dorm


aya shika-danika-nadia

after we had that competition, our Abla kindly treated us some pizzas at Papa Ron's, Paragon Mall, Semarang. the view was aaaaawwweeeesssooomeeee! you guys have to try eating dinner with the view of Semarang. 
aya-ipeh-kak ratih-ayzada abla
kak icha-kak kenis-danika-nadia

maybe that's for the first report(and post after these weeks), sorry, couldn't write much. actually i'm not in my mood to post something, but i feel like i have to at least give an update here in this blog hehehe :D see ya folks!

xoxo danika xoxo

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