Minggu, 21 Juli 2013


hi folks. i know this is a late post. last week, i was early to go back to my school. there were a 'welcoming new students' stuffs on my school, and i was one of the student board, so i needed to get everything prepared last week.

i was on the Turkce classroom having a meeting about orientation program to the new students when my bestfriend suddenly texted me: "Dan, Finn's dead?" and i didn't take it serious because i was concentrating to the meeting and i just replied: "finn as in cory or finn in the show? r u serious?" stuff like that. i thought it was just another hoax. and he answered "cory." and i was panic. i wasn't able to concentrate to the meeting. and the leader of the meeting which was Ipeh, asked me what's wrong and i told her, and she was even more panic than me, well we both are gleeks. we loved everything about glee so much, and this was really shocking. and then we took a break from the meeting and googled everything about this guy's death and we found out that it was true.

thou i still cannot believe it, but we all have to accept this tragic fact (this sounds 'menye', idc). if we wanna blame the alcohol or drugs he consumed, it won't change anything. Allah has decided our lifetime since we were born.

i cannot imagine how Lea Michele can suffer from this, but i do believe i was a fangirl of strong and great artists, and i know she's strong. rest in peace, Cory Monteith. as eva always says, "i love you to the core"

xoxo danika xoxo

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