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Flashback to Persevere

Hello, folks.
Now, i'm going to keep my promise about writing my experiences. So, around January and February, I was on the top of my busiest months. (exclude this senior year). I joined several competitions. Even those which i didn't plan.

I remember when I was a 10th grader. I was invited along with all my schoolmates to attend a presentation by our senior about ISPO. I wasn't interested at all since I knew it was about science. Several years ago, I had that massive hatred toward science. I didn't like physics,chemistry,biology. The only science I forgave was Maths. If you thought I liked social studies back then, you're wrong. I didn't know what I liked. I also hated history, citizenship and those kind of social studies. So you can imagine when there was somebody saying,
"Please go downstairs there's a presentation for ISPO(Indonesian SCIENCE Project Olympiad)"
my reaction was,
"can i skip it?"

Thank Allah i didn't skip it. hehehe. Though I didn't pay attention at all, and everytime my friend asked me,
"are you planning on joining it?"
my answer was always...
"out of my reach. so hell no."
I still thank Allah  for that presentation. Several days after that presentation, lots of my friends joined the competition. I still didn't care. But after seeing my friends were talking about some problems towards humanities(but from the scientific side, of course), there was a part of me that was interested to this competition. Until one day, one of my bestie, Ipeh, came and asked me to be her partner. Well, she had the project so at least i didn't need to think what should we create.(hehehe). So i said yes. And after that, we began the research, i skipped class a lot(another hehehe). At first, our project was about chemistry and biology combined(imagine how tough it was), and 3 days before the paper deadline, we changed our project to a technology one. But then we failed. We didn't make it to the final. Well, I wasn't really shocked because we didn't have proper preparation. But thank Allah that didn't stop me.

One year passed, another ISPO announcement is announced(it's an annual thingy). This time I've prepared everything. One year at this school had changed my point of view about science. So, i was having 2 projects that time. The first one was technology and the second one was computer. And I was on my own at first, i didn't have any partner. But when I presented both my projects to the teachers, they all agreed that I should choose one because they're difficult enough. So i took the technology. And the coordinator of ISPO in my school that time (Mr. Angga) always asked me whether I'd chosen any partner or not. I was confused at first. So, i just came back to my old partner, Ipeh. But she didn't continue since she'd had enough business being the head of the student council. And then one of my friend recommended Aisha, so i asked her and she said yes. And then the journey began.

We spent lots of time on the field(read: electronic laboratory). We skipped class for more than a month. And we went to UGM (Gadjah Mada University) in order to have better equipments for our research. And alhamdulillah, we made it to the final.
the finalists from kesatuan bangsa school

 After that, we worked harder than that. Even we worked at the lab 7AM-9PM. But Allah is always kind to those who persevere. I remember there were times when we really had no clue about our project and almost decided to stop, but we didn't:)
This is when the physic lab was hijacked hehehe

This was from the beginning till the end
 Allah paid off our work. Alhamdulillah we won the honorable mention medal. I was so grateful. Because as you know from the beginning of my story, I didn't like science at all, and now... hehehe. (I still don't like biology, fyi)
Danika and Aisha

Aisha-Miss Ulfi(our mentor from the school)-Danika

Kesatuan Bangsa finalists and some students

if you want to look for another information about ISPO, you can look at The 7th ISPO's coming. Don't forget that everybody has the chance. And that Allah will always be kind to those who persevere and of course, pray:)

xoxo danika xoxo

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